Friday, April 17, 2015

#bookitforward Event

On Thursday, Ms. Thorne's kindergarten class (K-2 Division) and Ms. Zhao's 5th grade Mandarin Dual Language class (3-5 Division)  were announced as the overall winners for book reviews written during our #bookitforward event.  Ms. Thorne's class was the overall champion for the school writing 476 book reviews.  Kindergarten was the grade level winners writing 1134 book reviews.  The school book review total was 2392 book reviews share with friends, teachers, and family.

Hannah Gardner, former Glenwood Gator and UNC Women's soccer player, gave a shout out to the school for their amazing work.  She also read a book about Mia Hamm called Winners Never Quit to the kindergarteners and posed for a photo op with Ms. Thorne's champion kindergarten class.

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